Welcome to my website where I will be showcasing many of my art pieces.  I look forward to sharing my works and passion for art with you,  Please feel free to take a look around and let me know what you think.  To see my most immediate art pieces, you can also follow me on Instagram.


Featured Pieces

“Because Tomorrow There May Be None” a quick sketch… (2020)

In an effort to conserve masks, we re-use after spraying with 90% alcohol, and it occurred to me how very challenging it must be to our health care workers to have need for masks as their own lives depends on their availability…I am so humbled by their courage, dedication, strength and Sacrifice. If in any way you are a health professional, no matter what you do…thank you, from the bottom of my soul! 


Q (2020)

Q Art Piece

For this painting (Acrylic on Canvas – 30 x 40), the inspiration and goal was to celebrate the Legacy of Quincy Jones’ immeasurable contribution to the culture and music of multiple generations.  Key to this painting was to graphically articulate the keen genius of his own musical talent and accomplishments.  His ability to foster and leverage his knowledge fostered the careers of dozens of artists has earned him a place in musical history. 

Here I celebrate those instruments, I believe, he had a predilection for.  This painting is part of a group Exhibition “Q” the Music, celebrating Quincy Jones Legacy,  at National Children’s Hospital, January 20-March 27, 2020.



In The Shadows (2019)

This painting (Mixed Media/Oil/Acrylic) reflects my vision of the feelings held by people living under the anxiety and isolation that is reflective of present conditions for immigrants in this country and the world.  It is not meant to be pretty, decorative, or even a political statement (though that is unavoidable).  It is meant to evoke understanding and empathy through the discomfort in seeing pain, confusion, and angst in every face.  The colors are sparing and dark.  It has been a cathartic experience, not without my own share of angst while working on this piece.  These images and works represent an opportunity to respond to our daily lives, at least as I see it.  This piece was featured by the Washington Performing Arts program at the “Dreamers” premiere at the Sidney Harman Hall.



Immigrants (2018)

Q Art Piece

In this oil painting, the seminal idea was to conceptualize through color the uniqueness and contributions of the immigrant population.  Color—both metaphorically and optically—reflects the multicultural influences as brought in by the rich diversity that comprises our country.  The sunlight is the promise for a bright future.  This piece was created in a mosaic style to reflect the composition of our country’s people and the rich contributions of all the cultures that have either previously inhabited the land or subsequently arrived during our journey as a nation.  Presently, this piece is part of the Children’s National Hospital collection.