Welcome to my website where I will be showcasing many of my art pieces.  I look forward to sharing my works and passion for art with you.  Please take a look around and let me know what you think.  Barring a few exceptions, most works presented on the site are for sale, so do not hesitate to inquire about purchasing any pieces as you browse the various Galleries.  Each art piece will have a corresponding price which does not include shipping, and I accept PayPal as a payment method to facilitate the purchase process.  To see my most immediate art pieces, you can also follow me on Instagram.


Featured Gallery

New Works: Enfilade of Trees (2021)

As I present my new works, I ponder the notion of “consistency”.    Consistency in my artwork as in developing a recognizable “Style” or “Look” that would be more marketable.  In doing so, I believe that I would find the endeavor to become limiting and constraining as I deal with the creative process. 

I believe consistency to be an external notion that often clashes with spontaneity, intuition, creativity, and the ability to give life in an environment where experiences and emotions are continuous and changing every day!

Exploring new forms, materials, and combinations allows me the freedom to create.  I recognize that this is a very personal choice, and I find myself free to start fresh with each art piece and finding fulfillment creating in “real-time” without being forced to generate a recognizable stylistic identity.   

Yes, I want my work to be acquired, but only if that piece or series of pieces speaks to you, the collector, and your own sensibilities which merit bringing my work into your life. 

Thank you for joining me on this ever-changing and dynamic journey.

To see this new series, go to my new New Works” gallery