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Reflexions” on Art in the time of CoViD… (2020)

We are in a time of mind-numbing uncertainty brought about by a pandemic that has bombarded our emotions with a sense of fear, fragility, and self-preservation, not to mention our concerns for family and friends who are now precluded from physical contact. Our ability to survive and provide for loved ones as well as our community is either threatened, in jeopardy, or already suffering. At the same time, our greatest preoccupation is a desire to return to whatever we called “normal”.

As we navigate through this precarious time, there is also a fear of the unknown along with a suspicion of anyone who does not share our priorities and concerns. It is an overwhelming feeling of trepidation that plagues our every waking moment as well as our sleepless nights. This pandemic is relentless in altering our dreams, denying our peace of mind, and even worse, diminishing our self-worth.

It is a time of “Reflexions”.

My escape from this pandemic anxiety is the creative process associated with art. I look for a diversion where color prevails and spontaneity is both celebrated and unleashed. My process is focused on the strength of the human spirit and not this virus. It is the resilience and determination of this spirit that will ultimately prevail, which is why I have no interest in giving life to images that would evoke a notion or reference to the virus. However, despite attempts to live beyond this pandemic condition, the impact it has on one’s work is undeniable. It stirs all our emotions, bringing them to the surface, and ultimately, broadcasting them through our artistic expression. This new series is about emotions— raw, vulnerable, regulated, managed, and instinctive. Contrasting emotions that reflect both a quest for inner peace and an explosive desire to release all our repressed energy. These works represent a moment in time where I yearn to be free and careless yet also pensive and reflective.

Art in all its manifestations suffers greatly during times of crisis because it is considered non-essential. Yet, it is in the time of crisis where we find our humanity— raw, refined, peaceful, melodic, calming, heart-pounding, and alive.

Art becomes the story of survival regardless of whether it is visual, performing, literary, or culinary. It is through this story that we reveal our frustration, aggression, fear, hope, passion, and salvation. I know that many of us are experiencing all these feelings at one time or another in our current situation.

Art at its core reflects the human experience. It captures emotions through a feeling, a memory, or through something that feels so familiar yet unexplainable. It is at this moment when art nourishes and touches us that we truly understand its value.

These are my “Reflexions”. 

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